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Blogging By the Sea
Wednesday, June 29 2011
I have only one chapter left for the book I am writing and already, I am getting ready to be in mourning. IN one sense, I want to get to the end. I want to know how it ends as much as any future reader will, but on the other hand, I know I'm going to miss my everyday contact with the characters I created and love now as if they were family. Good thing I have a really busy week ahead! I've got a doctor's visit, supper out twice with friends, a birthday to celebrate - at least with an ice cream cone downtown if nothing more elaborate, a shuttle to watch get launched and a christening outfit to sew. And only 8 days to do it all. Oh! And I have a suitcase to pack, my car to pack and the house to get ready for my absence. I guess that should keep me busy enough so I won't mope too much!!
Happy Birthday to me...

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Saturday, June 25 2011
Summer is well and truly arrived - even before the calendar said so. Temps into the 90s every day, hot and humid. And I am loving it! Duffy, however, is not quite as pleased. When the sun is shining, he prefers to sprawl on the cool tile indoors. Then the thunderstorms blow up in the late afternoon and he just wants to cower under my desk. So, most of our beach walks are first thing in the morning before it's too hot and long before the thunderstorms start.

I am looking forward to seeing my kids and grandkids, but I'm not looking forward to leaving my little bungalow at the beach for most of the summer. I really do love living here and I'll miss it. Only 12 days left, and we'll be on our way to New England. Among other plans for the summer are a chance to catch up with my Dad who is 91 now (going on 82,) a week babysitting two grandkids while their nanny is on vacation, a short visit to New York for the christening of my youngest grandchild, visits with friends in Maine and a week at the Island (in New Hampshire) with ALL my kids and grandkids, our annual family extravaganza we call Mutt's Nuts. But first, I get to celebrate my birthday, enjoy a parade and fireworks for the 4th of July and watch the last shuttle launch on July 8th.
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Tuesday, June 14 2011

For the last month and a half, I've been volunteering at the Spanish Quarter in the heart of the ancient city. Since I love history and I love my little city and this combines both, it's been the perfect way to give something back. Occasionally, I sit and sew or mend, but mostly I've been working in the leatherworking shop. Marco is a master leatherworker and is most generous with his time and expertise. I have a fellow apprentice, Alan who also makes the day fly by when I am there. Marco helped me design and make a pair of period sandals to go with my get-up and a money purse for my dollar coins. Next up a bag to carry the rest of my stuff in. I've also made dice cups that sell in the la Taberna. They play a game there called Shut the Box - it's like Lays potato chips - you can't just play one game. I have yet to win, but I love trying. I'm slowly learning the  history of Spanish St. Augustine and enjoying my time there immensely. Next time you're in St. Augustine, come on over and say Hola!
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Monday, June 06 2011

This morning, after I got over being distressed about the scent of smoke in the air and the blanket of it hovering over my island, I took note of a few nicer things. For one, my bougainvillea has finally decided to blossom its heart out - I love the bright splashes of color all around my deck. I guess the sages were right that it was the chilly winter that made them so shy. Then as I stood admiring them, I saw a cardinal and his wife fly past. I followed their path and they stopped for a rest in the branches of my palm tree. I'm not sure where they are nesting, not many choices this close to the beach, but their bright red color was another pretty addition to my morning. The tide was out, too, which meant I started my day with a long walk on the beach. Duffy took himself in swimming and I found a sand dollar and two cone shells - not long vacated and still shiny, unscuffed by the sand and sea. My hammock beckons, but I must get some writing done before succumbing to that lure. I hope you all have as beautiful a day. (p.s. pray for rain to put out all those brush fires that are creating the smoke and threatening property.)
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