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About Me

Skye's desk is under a window with an awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean, which is either a distraction or an inspiration, depending on the day, but either way, it makes sitting down to write worth every moment.

Skye is a writer and lover of books and belongs to Florida Writers Association (Ancient City Chapter), Women's Fiction Writers and Sisters in Crime - National and North Florida chapter. She's also a mom and grandmother with 4 children and a step-son and 15 grandchildren. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer, having spent two rewarding and exciting years in the South Pacific from 2002 to 2004. Skye is also somewhat of an adventurer. Joining the Peace Corps at 54 might have given you a clue there, but she's enjoyed activities as diverse as jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, snorkeling over colorful coral reefs, climbing crumbling castle towers, crawling through lava tubes, and hiking over glaciers. She loves anything that flies and thoroughly enjoy spending a day at the Highland Games or a renaissance fair.
History is another passion of hers, something any of her teachers back in high school would have found unbelievable. Memorizing dates and names never inspired her until she discovered historical novels where the names her teachers wanted her to remember suddenly became living, interesting people with stories to tell that she wanted to hear. She loves visiting historical sites and always come home with dozens of photos which she keeps promising to put in an album someday. Skye moved to St Augustine for a lot of reasons: it's warm here all year, it's on the ocean and she lives on a barrier island with the beach in sight, but it's also the oldest city in North America which means it's just full of history. (St Augustine celebrated their 450th birthday in 2015.) Skye also enjoys getting dressed out in Spanish (or English depending on the era) colonial garb and participating in the many historical re-enactments that go on in this wondeful little city.

Skye also volunteers at the USO lounge at the Jacksonville Airport welcoming servicemen and women traveling to and from the local Navy Bases and through the city to wherever. She says it's been a rewarding experience meeting these wondeful people and hearing their stories.


As for her writing, that's an adventure, too. The stories just need telling and sometimes her characters tell her what's going to happen instead of the other way around. During Skye's time in the Peace Corps a number of essays about life and work in a different culture appeared in her local paper. You can read them under the Peace Corps tab. Skye has eight published novels out, and is now pursuing another writing adventure working on a mystery series. Research for that challenge has included a ride-along with a local deputy Sheriff and participating in the Citizen's Law Enforcement Academy.  Her first sale to Wing-Press - The Candidate came out in June 2012. Bell Bridge Books launched her Contemporary Romance series The Camerons of Tides Way - Falling for Zoe,  Loving Meg, Trusting Will, Healing a Hero, Keeping His Promise and Worry Stone. Short stories: Loving Ben and  Mike's Wager are available for free on Amazon and B&N, and don't forget to check out her other short stories here on this website.  Iain's Plaid is a historical time travel. 

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    Skye Taylor
    St Augustine, Florida

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