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Powerful people want a good man locked up for murder - and time is not on Jesse’s side.



Dan Hoffman’s wife is dead. His fingerprints are on the glass prism she was bludgeoned with, and powerful people want him in cuffs. But Detective Jesse Quinn has a history with Dan and she believes he’s innocent.


A man on the run claims the murder is tied to a long-ago cover-up over an incident in Afghanistan. Four people are dead, and two attempts have been made. A rival in the Sheriff’s office wants to take over the investigation and time is running out.


Will Jesse be able to put all the pieces together before she is sidelined and Dan arrested for his wife’s murder?

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Worry Stone - A Camerons of Tide's Way novel - where it all began

“A deeply emotional tale set during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War. Authentic and evocative, this love story between a veteran and a one-time war protester makes us appreciate the healing power of love.” Eve Gaddy, National Best Selling Author


Is love enough to heal a soul-wounded Marine?


Sandy Marshall has been rescuing and healing injured creatures all her life, so it’s nothing new when she jumps to the defense of a Marine recently returned from a war zone who’s being heckled by a fellow student. But when she falls in love with Nathan Cameron, she discovers that bringing home a soul-wounded Marine just might break her heart.


Cam wasn’t planning on getting involved with anyone until he put the war firmly behind him and got his life back on track, but the hope and sunshine Sandy brings to his troubled heart is as unexpected as it is irresistible.


Will Sandy’s love be enough to bring Cam back from the edge of despair and convince him to get the help he so desperately needs? Is his love for her strong enough for him to pull his life together and be the man she believes in?

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KEEPING HIS PROMISE - Book 5 in the Camerons of Tide's Way series


Is this a second chance for Jon and Kate or a second chance for heartbreak?


After losing her husband Kate Cameron Shaw has rebuilt her life with a lot of help from her childhood friend, Jon Canfield. But falling for the handsome small-town police officer isn’t part of her plan to grab this second chance at making a name for herself as an investigative journalist.


Twenty years ago, Jon Canfield watched helplessly as the only woman he’s ever loved fell head over heals for his best friend. Two years ago that friend died in his arms, but not before begging Jon to take care of “his girls.” Is keeping his promise a second chance for Jon and Kate or a second chance to lose her all over again?





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Iain's Plaid
Iain's Plaid

Was she sent back in time to change Iain’s fate or share it?

When Dani Amico falls into an abandoned cellar hole and wakes up in another century, she has to decide whether to stay and save Iain MacKail from the fate she knows is coming or find her way home before she falls in love in love with him and gets hurt trying to change history.

Iain MacKail has already put his liberty on the line for a cause, now he has to decide how much more he’s willing to sacrifice, and the arrival of this bewitching woman from the future is making his life even more complicated. Falling in love with her is easy, understanding her is impossible. And what if she disappears as mysteriously as she came?

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Camerons of Tide's Way - Book 4
Camerons of Tide's Way - Book 4

An expert in her field, but new in her position at Camp Lejeune, Elena Castillo is shocked to discover her first patient is the man she fell in love with fourteen years ago and got her heart broken when war tore them apart after 9/11. Gunnery Sergeant Cameron is going to be the most challenging patient she has ever worked with in more ways than one. The Marine Corps has been his whole life, and he is a long way from being reconciled to either the debilitating injury or the possibility of a medical discharge and life as a civilian. He’s also the only wounded warrior she ever made the mistake of losing her heart to. Success as a physical therapist means sending him out into the world prepared to triumph without her, but is she strong enough to set Philip free even if it breaks her heart all over again?

Philip Cameron is the oldest in a family of five - so of course, he's confident, a strong leader and a bit of a perfectionist. He excels at being in charge, but he's a good team player too, and he loves the Corps and his job. Except that now his world has been turned upside down. He's been seriously injured, he's no longer leading his men, he's no longer in control, there's a lot of gray in a world that used to be black and white. Then he discovers the therapist who is tasked with getting him back to where he wants to be is the woman he lost his heart to fourteen years ago. What is he supposed to do now?

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The Camerons of Tide's Way - Book 3

Brianna Reagan's life fell apart when her husband was killed in combat. Now, three years later, she and her young son, Sam, have started a new life in Tide's Way. She loves her job, and she’s convinced that her eight-year-old son Sam is all the man she needs in her life.  Then Sam joins the Cub Scouts and Brianna meets his scout leader.

Will Cameron has a smile that could melt the most determinedly aloof heart, and he isn’t shy about his interest in her. Sam adores Will and has become best pals with Will's nephew, Rick. Unfortunately, Will is also a state trooper: another fearless hero willing to put his life on the line every day for the sake of others. He relishes living life on the edge: rock-climbing, sky-diving, riding motorcycles, and pushing himself to be the best at whatever he does.

As Brianna struggles to remain "just a friend," Will brings tender, patient romance into her life--with the promise of hot passion, when she's ready.

Can she resist? And what happens if her worst fears come true? Can she risk putting her heart in harm’s way again?

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The Camerons of Tide's Way, book 2
The Camerons of Tide's Way, book 2

When Meg Cameron joined the Marines to get an education, she never counted on being deployed to a war zone. Now that she’s home, both she and her husband Ben are struggling with the toll war, separation and regrets have taken on their marriage. Meg is tormented by guilt over the death of a military dog and the kiss she shared with her commanding officer as he comforted her. Her husband, Ben, is the love of her life, how could he possibly forgive her if he knew the truth?

Ben Cameron is just happy that his brave, beautiful wife is safely home with him and their young sons. Everything seems fine--at first. In bed, he and Meg are perfect together, until the nightmares come and she calls out a name that's not his. She's hurting and he doesn't understand, but he's trying. If only she would talk to him about what's bothering her.

Then there's Kip, a police K-9 who lost his handler and his spirit to a perp with a gun. Ben has been asked to help rehabilitate the grieving K-9.  Can Ben help these two wounded warriors find peace? Can he convince Meg to trust him with her nightmares? As Meg debates returning to active duty, a move that would surely end in another deployment, Ben's frustrations and fears climb. What if her pain and confusion take her back into harm's way again, and he lost her forever?

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The Camerons of Tide's Way - Book 1

Zoe Callahan, pregnant with the child her ex-boyfriend doesn’t want, adores her ramshackle new home in the seaside town of Tide’s Way, North Carolina. When she meets her handsome next-door neighbor, Jake Cameron, who offers some fixer-upper help, her heart goes out to him instantly. He’s a doting dad to three daughters and the kind caretaker to a mom-in-law with Alzheimer’s. Jake is equally smitten with Zoe, but he won’t risk turning his family upside down again after his ex-wife nearly destroyed it.

As their friendship grows, Zoe discovers love hasn’t given up on her, even if the father of her unborn child did. Now she just needs to figure out why Jake is so determined not to let the heady attraction that sizzles between them turn into something more than just friends. Then one evening when their attraction threatens to boil over, Jake is convinced Zoe wants a fairytale he is not capable of giving her. He says some pretty stupid things to squash her expectations, and Zoe is crushed.

Before Jake has a chance to fix what he's nearly broken, disaster strikes, and Jake is Zoe’s reluctant rescuer. He already has her heart, but now, in spite of the rift that has come between them, she must trust him with her life and the life of her baby. Can Jake shake the demons in his own past and trust himself?

 Available at and Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play and iBooks.


The Camerons of Tide's Way - Book 1
The Candidate - Mainstream intrigue
The Candidate - Mainstream intrigue

The Photo caught Matt Steele off guard, jerking him back to a time he'd done everything to forget, to emotions he never wanted to relive. In the midst of a hotly contested race for the White House, the photo and the man who brought it to him challenge everything Matt thought he knew about himself. The choice he faces to put honor above politics could change the outcome of the election and the fate of a nation.


"Skye Taylor knocks it out of the ballpark with her premiere novel, Whatever It Takes. It's chock full of dynamic and magnetic characters, page-turning suspense and a view into the powerful world of presidential elections. The conflicts, loves, fears and prejudices of these candidates reflect those of our nation today. Bravo to Ms. Taylor for a book that provides a thrilling and intriguing ride for the reader. She's reclaimed THIS American's dream - of an inspiringly great read! " N. L. Quatrano, On-Target Words.

Available at and Barnes & Noble and Wings ePress

MIKE'S WAGER - A Tide's Way short story
MIKE'S WAGER - A Tide's Way short story

Is his hometown going to break his heart?

Mike Kennedy's college pals at Cambridge refuse to believe that his hometown, Tide's Way, North Carolina, is the good-hearted Mayberry Mike depicts. They bet him money that no one in Tide's Way will offer him a helping hand if he spends a week disguised as a grungy, dangerous-looking homeless guy. Mikes takes the bet.

So there he was, spending a chilly, rainy Spring break shivering and hungry under an old tarp draped over the railing of the bandstand on Tide's Way's small common. Three days had gone by without anyone offering him so much as a cup of coffee. He hated to lose the money he'd wagered but even worse, he hated that his hometown was apparently not what he'd thought it was. Would anyone prove that Tide's Way lived up to its ideals?

Short story available for free on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play and iBooks.


LOVING BEN - A Tide's Way short story
LOVING BEN - A Tide's Way short story

Eighteen-year-old Meg Grant decides it’s time to let Ben Cameron know that she’s not a kid anymore and she's more than ready for him to stop treating her like a kid sister. She could swear the attractive her brother’s best friend has been looking at her in a different way lately, but she may be letting her imagination run wild. Time to put on a bit makeup and a sexy little dress, step into some sparkly sandals, and show Ben she can be his 'type' of woman just as much as those leggy blondes he usually dates.

This short story is available for free at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play and iBooks.


Snowbird Christmas Vol. 2 & 3 (Holiday Stories to Warm Your Heart)

A collection of holiday stories to warm your heart!  We know that Christmas is all about love and we wish you the kind of Christmas that will make wonderful memories for you and yours.   Christmas Goose, By Skye Taylor is a story of acceptance and triumph in Volume 2.  Santa's Helper, By Skye Taylor is a heartwarming story of a little girl's Christmas wish in Volume 3

Volume 2 Available at and Barnes & Noble

Volume 3 Available at and Barnes & Noble

Within the pages of We’d Rather Be Writing: 88 Authors Share Timesaving Dinner Recipes and Other Tips you’ll be introduced to authors who write a wide range of fiction—everything from mystery to romance to speculative fiction to books for children, young adults, and new adults—and some who write nonfiction. Some of the authors write sweet; others write steamy. Some write cozy; others write tense thrillers. 

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Bake, Love, Write: 105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing

In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.

Available at and Barnes & Noble

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