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Blogging By the Sea
Friday, February 28 2014

Celebrating the release of a brand new series by a dear friend is always fun. But sharing the news that you can get a super deal on this book today is even better. 

CARLY'S RULE - book one in the new series The Braddocks  

Pastry Chef Carly Braddock only ever loved one man, Luke Donovan, who disappeared from her life years ago, breaking her heart and leaving her to wonder what happened to him.  When he walks into Sugar Plums, her bakery/cafe, and back into her life after all this time, she isn’t in a forgiving mood. Though he doesn’t know it, her experience with him shaped the other relationships in her life and led her to create a rule to protect her heart. What neither counts on is that the chemistry between them is still as fierce and tangible as it was all those years ago, and Carly doesn’t know until her heart is completely involved once again that Luke has kept an important part of his life from her.  When she finds out what it is, she knows she must let him go, and this time for good. Not only did he keep something from her, but he broke the one thing she created to protect her heart . . . Carly’s Rule.

About Ms. King: 

Vickie L. King is originally from a small town in West Virginia. She transplanted to Jacksonville, Florida in 1994, and while she loves living in the sunshine state, now and then she misses watching the seasons go through their changes, and if she closes her eyes, she can still imagine herself standing on the deck of their family home on top of the ridge, staring out over the hills and valleys that will always be a part of her.

She has four grown children, a daughter-in-law and son-in-law, four grandchildren, a Chihuahua named Bentley and the best family and friends anyone could have.

Vickie is previously published in short fiction, with both romance and mystery for Woman’s World Magazine and with a romantic short story for the Sun. She is a member of RWA, and she is active in her local chapter, Ancient City Romance Authors (ACRA), where she serves on the board.

Check out her inteview on Get Lost in a Story. too. 

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Monday, February 24 2014

You’ve probably seen that thing they pass around the internet from time to time about being busy all day and getting nothing done. Each task begun required going somewhere to get something required to complete it and once there came across a reminder for something else that needed doing. But that something also required going on the hunt and so it went, all day and you ended up spending the day chasing your tail. Well, I’ve been there, done that, but today was different.

Over the last couple weeks, months if I get right down to it, there have been a number of things that had to get done before I could devote myself to completing the book currently in progress. A trip to New York, a meeting in Palatka, another in Jacksonville, dentist appointments,  line edits for the book coming out next month, and so it went. But this week was going to be different. IS going to be different. Once I get this blog posted.

I got up this morning with the idea in my head that it was Monday. A brand new day with nothing that needed doing. A brand new week without a single appointment, meeting, or errand. I even have enough food in the house that a trip to the grocery store is not required.  I am going to get soooo much done. I can’t wait.


Except I did have to wait. The usual morning chores like walking the dog, making myself some breakfast and taking my shower came first. And that was where the trouble began. I replaced my smoke detector a few months back and apparently it’s a lot more sensitive than the old one. Being the only one in the house, leaving the bathroom door open when I shower is standard. But this morning, I’m luxuriating in the steamy flow of water when the smoke alarm goes off. Or was it the carbon dioxide one? I turn the water off and grab my towel to investigate. It’s not the CO which is a relief. I really didn’t want to run outdoors dripping wet with nothing but a towel around me. And there is no smoke. Only excessive steam from that lengthy shower. Which wasn’t done yet, my hair hadn’t been rinsed. I pressed re-set and went back to finish the job.

Once dressed, I climbed up to check on the detector which was now beeping three short beeps every two minutes or so. I tried waving a magazine in front of the sensor. No change. I got a stool and took it down, hunted down the hair dryer which gets used for everything BUT drying hair to see if a little warm air would dry the condensate out of it. That seemed to do the trick. But before I got to that point, I’d rummaged through my “stuff” drawer looking for the instruction manual that came with it. Now I had to sort through all the “stuff” I’d hauled out of the drawer and spread across the counter. Might as well sort and toss things that didn’t need keeping.  Good, that’s done. Now for breakfast.

I carried my breakfast to my desk figuring I’d check my email while I ate. And there on the desk, on top of the keyboard where I couldn’t miss it was a reminder to call about my car insurance. Drat!


I could just write a check to the old company, but I’d gotten a couple quotes a few months back that were better. Two weeks ago, I’d called my old company to give them an opportunity to meet those better quotes, but they had never called me back. I grabbed the file and started calling. I’ve got a new company now at a tidy savings. But to save an additional bit, I have to go online and complete a defensive driving study unit. I set up my online account, got the money transferred from my savings account to pay for the annual premium. And while I was at it, had to call the bank because I also have a new computer and the bank didn’t recognize the new equipment and the one-time code to register the new computer didn’t work. Another chunk of my day disappeared.

By the time all was said and done, it was way past lunch. In fact, it’s now half way through the afternoon. A quarter to four, in fact. Where did my pristine day that lay before me like a blanket of fresh fallen snow go? At least I can say I accomplished something! I put fresh batteries in the smoke detector, cleaned out the “stuff” drawer, paid two bills and registered my new computer, and my car is insured for another year. Now it’s time to walk the dog again. Maybe tomorrow? 

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Thursday, February 13 2014

No, we weren’t playing poker. Oh, there might have been a deck of two of cards in evidence over the weekend, but the game of choice in our family is usually Toledo Run. Since our family is scattered up and down the eastern coast, most of us had to travel. And most of us stayed at Lori and Nick’s home. So, it was more than just a full house – it was packed. Kids on air mats, adults on pull-out couches, the host kids on the floor in their parent’s bedroom so visiting aunts and uncles and cousins had a place to sleep.

We could find rooms in local hotels, but where would be the fun in that. Instead, the day begins with the waking of the first child, with coffee and bagels in our pajamas, cramming as many minutes with each other as possible into the day or days we are together. And it generally ends with the previously mentioned cards around the dining room table after most of the kids have crashed.


As always when our family gathers there’s lots of excitement, kids running and giggling, and sometimes getting into trouble. The kind of trouble cousins always seem to cook up together. Often the guys gather around whatever game is in season on TV. And there’s always lots of great food and cameras catching all the best moments to save for posterity. We often talk about posterity as if he were another guest but looking back on similar gatherings in the past is always fun and made that much more fun when photos are dragged out to remind us how quickly the kids grow up or how young we all once looked.


(That's Rebecca back when she and Joe were just married. Then, Lori, Rebecca and Alex - Lori must have been about 12 then. And me and my husband Cal with the oldest four, Jeff, Bobbi, Rebecca and Alex. Lori was a twinkle in her daddy's eye at the time.)

This particular family event was Emily Catherine’s baptism. My grandmother’s christening gown, which was made in the 1800s, was carefully washed and every inch of lace and linen ironed for the big day. Tables were set up and food set out for the party afterward – All Nick’s family, who live close enough to come for the day would be doubling our numbers. Considering it was a private baptism, a remarkable portion of the pews were filled in this big church. My new grandson-in-law and another granddaughter’s boyfriend were recruited for altar-boy duties which they carried off with aplomb. And Emily Catherine became the newest member of Christ’s family.


We were fortunate that in spite of the time of year and the unusually snowy winter, everyone was able to get there and home without weather related problems. Now we’re all looking forward to our family week at the lake this summer. 

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